1. File Corruption??

    Hi folks. i’ve been noticing lately that Tumblr’s interface has been altering and rotating some of my images.  Might be starting a new page to replace this oldie.  My computer is too old and can’t hack it any longer.  More later… happy Sunday.


  2. sunshinerobinson:

    save the date oct 25th amazing art show and filk screening 

    Wonderful Event for a good cause.

  3. Many faces of Rosie

  4. Desayuno

  5. The Musician, Bronx, NY

    Sept. 2014

  6. Hudson River, looking south from Riverdale, Bronx.

    Sept. 2014

  7. Matthew Silver on Myrtle and Broadway

  8. Photo by Working Class and Gianna Leo Falcon


  10. Wow.. this happens so infrequently to me but when it does, i can’t help but feel cheated…

    photo by me (Working Class Photo)

    ORIGINAL POST: http://driftsandtides.tumblr.com/post/29510556422/s-j


    i’m not really angry tho, but i wish that the bastard who cropped my watermark off would have taken the spare 10 seconds that it took to do that and just donated money to charity or something more useful.

    yes, i’m talking to you “toploader”.. not saying you were the one who cropped off the watermark on my property, but maybe you could think twice before reposting any random image you find, and possibly avoid giving off the impression that it is YOU personally who is creating original imagery that is being passed around..

    (Source: toploader, via needabody)

  11. "I look so emo"

  12. My woman in the lake

  13. Alex

  14. Rosie

  15. The Lady